CTRO 121-110

-Compatible With Standard Faucets only. Will Not Work With Pull-Out Faucet, Special Size Designer Faucet And Sprayer Faucet

-Top Tier Ultra Pure Drinking Water System

-Refreshing, Crisp Taste Superior To Bottled Water

-Systems Built With Super Long Lasting US MADE Filters 

-110 Gallons/Day — Complete 4 Stage System

-Portable Convenient Drinking Water

-No Installation, Just Plug & Drink

-Weights less than 4 Lbs. 


Over the counter up to 110 GPD (gallons per day) drinking water systems will convert your kitchen tap water to bottled- quality drinking water. This system will remove dust, rust, mud, chlorine odor, taste and up to 99% harmful contaminates from your kitchen tap. This portable water system will produce unlimited supply of bottled-quality drinking water at your home or any place you go.

This system can be used only with basic kitchen or bathroom faucets. Designer and pull down faucets are not compatible with this system tap water connection.