REVERSE OSMOSIS (RO) is one of the most convenient and economical methods of reducing unwanted contaminates in your drinking water. The RO-600G Reverse Osmosis system provides 600 gallons per day (GPD) of clean, clear, refreshing drinking water for light commercial use.
REVERSE OSMOSIS is the process by which water molecules are forced by water pressure through a semipermeable membrane, and causing most of the impurities and other contaminants to be rinsed to the drain while the refined water is routed to a special holding tank. The Thin Film Composite (TFC) reverse osmosis membrane rejects a high percentage of impurities to bring you the most advanced RO technology at an affordable price.


Daily Production Rates:        600 GPD 

Recovery Rate:                       1:2 Product Waste

Nominal Salt Rejection:         98%

Operating Pressure:               120 PSI

Operating Temperature:         40 - 100 °F

Water Hardness:                      < 120 PPM (7 GPG)                  

Ph Range:                                 3 - 11

TDS:                                          < 1500 PPM


• Light weight, heavy duty power coated aluminum frame.
• Assembled with NSF Certified Filters, Tubing, Fittings and Membrane.
• Space saving design.
• 300 GPD TFC Membrane element. (2)
• Pressure Gauge for pre filter pressure monitoring.
• Floor or wall mountable.
• AQUATROL™ 36V Pump. (2)