Rental Drinking Water Systems

Don't like the hassle of yearly maintenance? Then you can take advantage of our rental programs. 

Our rental program is simple and very easy to sign up. 

Things to know before signing up for our rental program:

1) You have the option of a 3 year lease or a month- to- month rental program. The installation fee of $250.00 is waived with a three (3) year lease. At the time of installation, you will be responsible for paying the rental fees for the remaining of the month of your system is being installed and an activation fee. In case of cancelling the contract prior to it's metering date, the customer will be responsible to pay $400.00 which will cover the installation fee and the removal fee. The month-to-month contract works great for people that move around often and don't want to be obligated with any contract. In such cases the customer will pay $250.00 for the installation fee and the contract will be considered as open. The $150.00 fee will be due at the time of removal. 

2) Aquatron will be responsible for the yearly maintenance once a year. Unlike other filters in the market, we use a very high quality US made filters which can work perfectly for a year. The cost of the filters are included in your monthly rental fees. 

3) Due to a rental contract, we are required to collect some personal information such as Social Security number and a Driver License Number in our contracts. The monthly fees are processed through our very secure processing system and a valid credit card number is required at the time of installation. The same credit card will be used on a monthly basis to cover the rental fees. 

4) Our rental programs starts as low as  $35.00 +TAX / month and the alkaline systems starting from $45.00+ TAX. We have 4 stage, 5 stage, 5 stage with Chloramine reduction/removal, and Alkaline drinking water systems. 

To get detailed information about our rental program please contract us at (818) 500-4090, text us at (818) 934-4090 or email you inquiry to