1. How often do I need to service the filters?
    1. All filters need to be serviced every 6-12 months. If the usage is very low, 12 months is the maximum amount of time between a filter change. The membrane cartridge should be changed every 3 years. 
  2. How long do the filtration systems last?
    1. The drinking water systems that Aquatron manufactures have a lifespan of 10 years. Other systems not manufactured by Aquatron have a lifespan between 3-10 years. 
    2. Water softeners & conditioners have a lifespan of 10-25 years. 
  3. Can I rent a drinking water filtration system?
    1. Yes, both residential and commercial filtration systems are available to rent. 
  4. Can I rent a whole house water filtration system?
    1. Yes, with a minimum of three years lease. Furthermore, the customer is accountable to pay for the installation fees. 
  5. Will my Alkaline system affect my health?
    1. Alkaline water is considered supportive to health. For those who are not used to drinking alkaline water or water with added minerals, we suggest slowly transitioning by mixing your alkaline water with non-alkaline filtered water. Alkaline water should not be consumed by anyone on dialysis or with kidney issues. 
  6. Can I install my own water filtration system?
    1. Yes, you can install your own water filtration system with the help of our instructional manuals. 
  7. Can I install my own water softener?
    1. Yes, you can work with our technical support staff to walk you through a water softener installation. 
  8. Can I return my water filtration system?
    1. Due to the pandemic, we do not accept returns on any items. 
  9. How do I choose a system that’s right for my needs?
    1. We have created a questionnaire to help you find a water filtration system that fits your needs. Fill the form here, and we’ll get back to you with the products most suited for you. 
  10. Why is my water cloudy after installation or service?
    1. This doesn’t happen all of the time but air can get trapped in the water and might take up to a few weeks for it to clear up. It’s a natural occurrence that is caused by changing the filters. If your system is an alkaline system, air bubbles can be formed when the water is pushed through the remineralization process.