2 Stage Big Blue 10" Whole House System

  • This System designed for high-flow water filtration applications. Perfect system for filtering sediment, dust, mud, big particles, chlorine, heavy metals and some VOS's from  water to a house, apartment or office.
  • This system has a compact design to be able to install in areas with limited access and filter change is very easy.
  • It is equipped to pressure release Valve to release the pressure for easier filter change.
  • The system is already assembled and ready to install.
  • There are NO installation hardware such as screws, inlet/ outlet connection or plumbing parts available in the system.
  • The inlet/ outlet is a 1" female tread. 


- Water Source: city or well water- System Capacity: 250 gallons per day at 50/60 psi & 77 deg F- Feed Water pH: 3.0-11.0

- Feed Water Pressure: 40-95 psi

- Feed Water Temperature: 40-100 °F  (4-38 °C)

- Max TDS: 2500 ppm

- Dimensions (inch): 14w x 12d x 17h

- Require to change the filters once every 9-12 months