Chiller Daddy® is a high output, heavy duty under sink water chiller for home or office reverse osmosis or filtered drinking water systems

Great for use with a Reverse Osmosis RO System or filtered drinking water system.  RO systems require 100% Stainless Steel waterways and we have it!  Easy to install beneath the counter, cabinet or basement. Whisper quiet 3-way noise suppression system. SUS304 Stainless Steel "inside and out". Even the nuts, bolts, washers, screws and drain cap are stainless steel. Long life design.  Premium quality in every detail.  Perfect for anyone with a big thirst.

More convenient than swapping out bottles on the free standing cooler.  Works great with a drinking water system such as a reverse osmosis RO or filtration system. The purity of Reverse Osmosis calls for manufacturers to make stainless steel chillers to preserve the purity of the cold drinking water. Buy with confidence with 100% stainless steel contact surfaces on every Chiller Daddy®.  Simple to install below the sink, beneath a cabinet countertop or in a basement.  Hooks up to your current dispenser water faucet.  Whisper quiet operation.  Direct temperature reading design extends compressor life by preventing the "short-cycling" that is a common cause of most refrigeration unit’s failure.  Designed to deliver refreshing and thirst quenching refreshment for many years.  Premium design & quality in every detail.  Buy with confidence. 

Drinking cold water is a refreshing way to satisfy even the biggest thirsts. Order Yours Today.