Aqua Titan Commercial Filtration Systems

Aqua Titan Systems are made in the United States. 

Aqua Titan systems are used for drinking water, food services, hotels, restaurants or manufacturing applications. Simple operation and ease of maintenance is built in to the design of each system while considering the importance of not occupying a large footprint. This allows Aqua Titan systems to be the perfect choice for industry professionals whom require a system that is not only cost effective but can blend perfectly with the needs of their customers. 

Aqua Titan systems leave the production line ready to be placed into operation and require zero programming by the technician. Simply make the necessary feed, waste, and product connections turn the system on and go . The digital display on the system will give you all the information you need to see the system operation. 



    • Electrical Water Supply:                               120V & 220V
    • Membrane Housing:                                     Stainless still 304 or FRP(optional) 
    • Pump:                                                           Multistage Goulds
    • Solenoid Valve:                                             NC, 120Vbrass (BSV-34110V & BSV-10110V)
    • Connectors:                                                  High Pressure Quick Connectors
    • Flow Meters:                                                 Panel Mount 5 GPM/10 GPM
    • Pressure Gauges:                                        0-100 PSI and 0-300 PSI glycerine filled
    • Waste Valve & Recirculation:                       Stainless Steel 316, Needle valve (NV-12SS316)
    • Filter Housings:                                            HF5-20BLBK34PR or HF45-20BLBK10PR
    • Cartridge:                                                     5 Micron Polyspun Sediment
    • Safety Device:                                              Selector Switch 2 positions (OFF/AUTO) 

                                                                                             Electrical Contractor: 24 AMPs

                                                                                             Thermal Relay: 24Amps

                                                                                             Low Pressure Switch: Yellow LED (Range 4-12psi)

                                                                                             Power Indicator Light: Green LED 

    • Frame:                                                         Standard Steel with powder coted finish
    • RO Membrane                                             Hydron: High Rejection Membrane 


* The system production rate is based on minimum feed water quality below 1000 PPM, feed water temp 77°F, and SDI<5. Use a suitable pretreatment cable removing all membrane damaging substances.